This was a delight to wake up to — thank you for the excellent piece. I’m ashamed to admit that it took me until “adapted into a television series” to catch on 🥴

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Hey Joe, wow. My friend Angie sent me your most recent substack story on psychedelic-science. I grew up in fundamental evangelicalism at New Life Church with Ted Haggard, and about five years ago fell into a deep relationship with psychedelics.

Pre-psychedelics, I attended Richard Rohr's school in New Mexico.

My mentor is Bruce Sanguin, a psychedelic-assisted therapist in Vancouver who was a leader in evolutionary Christianity for a good portion of his life. I've been working on several poems and essays, comparing aspects of the psychedelic renaissance to evangelicalism, and you are one of the only other people exploring this convergence.

I am appreciative of your writing, and your willingness to tell the truth with nuance. Here is an article I posted about a month ago on my own personal devastation within the psychedelic hype: https://www.madinamerica.com/2023/07/hidden-harms-psychedelic-renaissance/

I am looking forward to reading your essays over the coming week.

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